Frequently asked questions


Is it really easy to install?

You need a wrench, pliers and scissors. You simply have to tighten two bolts and several nylon ties, thatís all! . The actuator lever

which turns the motor on and off is attached to the either the right or left handlebar with a nylon tie. Most people can install the kit

in 5 minutes.


How will the 3-PED affect my bike? 

Its only 8 pounds so youíll hardly know the difference. Other kits can add as much as 35 pounds. The 3-PED is also mounted close

to the bike frame (opposite the chain) over the rear wheel. Most people canít find any difference in their bikeís handling after

the 3-PED is installed. Also, when not using 3-PED power, you can easily pedal without motor assist.


How do I charge the battery?

You do not have to remove the battery from the bike. Unplug the battery connector from the motor connector. Insert the battery

connecter into the chargerís connector and attach the temperature sensor wire to the battery. Plug the charger into a wall outlet.

Check the time. The battery should be fully charged in 3-4 hours.


What kind of maintenance is required?

Before each ride Insure that your tires are inflated properly to the maximum side wall pressure and all nuts are secure. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Check

the battery connection and insure that it is secure. That's it!


Can I ride in the rain?

You can ride in the rain (it wonít hurt the 3-PED) but when your rear tire gets wet the impeller may slip providing limited or no

forward power. You will have to pedal yourself.


How long will the motor run before I have to recharge it?

Depending on how often you run the motor you can expect anywhere from 5 miles in hilly areas to 20 miles in relatively flat city

riding. If the motor is used continually even on level roads it will run for 30 minutes.


What happens if I run out of battery power half way through my ride?

If your battery runs down, stop using it. You can continue pedaling as if you never installed the motor. Do not run the battery

completely down. When it begins to loose power stop using it otherwise this may damage the battery. Charge the battery as

soon as you can.


Can I use the 3-PED motor in the winter?

Yes, but the efficiency of batteries is reduced in cold or very hot weather. This means less power and range. Sixty to 95 degrees

Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature range.


How does the warranty work?

It is ninety days long. Return the 3-PED motor in the original packing carton. You are responsible for payment of shipping costs.