Add power to your bike quickly and easily with the 3-PED Electric motor bike kit...only $300.00 complete! .....

The 3-PED bike motor is a new, EASY TO USE electric powered bicycle assist. It attaches quickly to most bikes in minutes and will help you get up hills easier, with less shifting, extend the range of your bike hikes and increase your overall biking pleasure.


It is the LIGHTEST and LOWEST COST power-assist for bikes on the market today and is ideal for commuters, students and anyone who likes riding their bike but needs a “boost” for hills, head winds or at the end of a long bike trip.


Weighing only 8 lbs. including the battery, the 3-PED sits on top of the rear tire so there is no interference with your feet while pedaling or drag when the motor is not in use. With just a wrench and the step by step installation guide it installs easily in five minutes on any bike with slick or semi-slick tires. Order today!















            Features                   Battery
The 3-PED motor kit is an electric motor power  assist  for your  bike’s  rear  tire. Working in  tandem with  your  pedaling efforts it  provides  a power pulse when needed.  You simply press a handle bar mounted lever when you want  an extra "boost". You can pedal while  using  the  motor or  just  coast using motor power without pedaling.


               Motor         24 volt nickel-metal hydride battery
         The battery is the same type used in hybrid autos. It has a greater power  to weight ratio than  lead-acid  batteries used in other  bike motors and lasts twice as long as lead acid batteries . Its so small and portable you can take extra packs on your bike trips for even more range!  They are not  hazardous to the environment and recharge for just 3 cents of electricity. A fast battery charger is included with the kit.
The high-powered  200 amp  24 volt motor rotates an impeller which engages the rear tire and adds power to your pedaling effort.


An actuator  lever  turns the  power on/off when needed and mounts on either side of the handle bar.