Installation instructions    Model 521


1. Prop your bike vertically against a wall with the chain side next to the wall. Insert the motor post between the chain and seat stays and the rear wheel as shown below. Hold the motor in place with one hand.

Move the rack up or down the seat tube until you have a gap between the impeller and the rear tire of 1/8” as shown in step 3.


2. Position the frame brace onto the chain and seat stay as shown to the right. Insert the two bolts into the frame brace and hand-tighten them.  Move the motor up or down until you have a gap between the impeller and the rear tire of 1/8” as shown in step 3.


3. Check to insure the gap between the impeller and the tire is still 1/8”. If not loosen the bolts and readjust. Tighten the bolts firmly - if the frame brace starts to bend – stop tightening. Some bike frames flex more than others when the rider mounts – you may need a slightly larger gap. A test ride will help determine this.



4. Lay the actuator cable along the bike frame. Make sure the cable is not kinked and can operate freely. Use the small ties to attach the cable to the bike frame. Tighten them loosely so you can adjust them later.

5. Install the actuator lever near the left or right handlebar grip. Typical installations are shown below. Try various positions to determine which is most comfortable. Use the large zip tie to attach it to the handlebar. Pull the tie very firmly with pliers.

6. Place the battery under the bike’s top tube near the seat and firmly attach it with the Velcro strap provided. Plug the female battery connector into the male motor plug. Don’t force it - it only fits one way

7. Lift the bike’s rear wheel slightly above ground then squeeze the actuator with your other hand. The motor will power up and spin the rear tire. If it does not power up - loosen the screw on the switch and rotate the switch so that you hear a click on when the actuator lever is pressed. Try several different positions if necessary then re-tighten the screw.




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